We Love Guitars

and so we see in a guitar amplifier not a mere sound maker, but many more a very important part of this wonderful instrument. The musician and his sound-expression are in the foreground. Nuanced and rich in detail, with inspiring honesty, should be passed on what happens on the fretboard - and that regardless of the genre.

Uncompromising circuit design of our purely handmade all-tube amplifiers and high-quality components are indispensable for this.

However, this uncompromising attitude does not have to be synonymous with self-castigation. Many features useful for the musician, such as channel switching or effect paths, can also be realized at a very high level.

Our amps are the result of many years of stage and studio experience. As a result, we have integrated particularly valuable extras that help to significantly simplify the guitarist's everyday life without sacrificing sound quality.

And just like many outstanding guitar builders, we lovingly handcraft our instruments as one-offs or in small series. In doing so, we rely on a combination of the advantages of printed circuit boards and classic "point-to-point" wiring. This is the only way to ensure lasting quality and reproducibility.

On request, you can have your own Custom Boutique Amp made from our proven modular system, also with individual special equipment.

We love guitars, do you?