08/18-1 MKII Head

The ideal partner for guitarists who look for a light, compact but powerfull clean-to-crunch - amp and use distortion & effects from their pedal - board.
-> Demo videos see below.

  • 0818 front per 1768 3723
    08/18-Head Protrait
    46x43,5x24,5cm (W/H/D) and ca. 9kg
  • 0818 Top Rear
    08/18-Head rear view
    Simply replaceable power tubes.
    [optional jack for special (optional) looper-footswitch on demand]
  • 0818 1 Detail Potis
    08/18-1 operation
    Tight/Fat (footswitchable) e.g. for live-switching single-coils + FAT / (neck-) humbucker + TIGHT (against rumble / muddy tones). Bright adds brillant highs.
    With "08" & "18" (center position = standby) 2 power-levels are selectable.
  • 0818 1 Detail Master hs
    08/18-1 Master-Section
    With "08" & "18" (center position = standby) 2 power-levels are selectable
  • 0818 1 Detail EQ hs
    08/18-1 Detail EQ
    Tight/Fat (footswitchable) e.g. for live-switching single-coils + FAT / (neck-) humbucker + TIGHT (against rumble / muddy tones). Bright adds brillant highs.
  • 0818 Top Rear Detail
    08/18's rear connectors
    - Speaker 4 / 8 /16 Ohm
    - Line-Out (e.g. additional Amp)
    - serial FX-loop
    - Footswitch (jack f. special looper-FS optional)

Based on our in all music styles well-liked Nepomuk-Clean-Channel - which covers braillant sounds with high dynamics and stable low-end from pearly clean tones to mid-level crunch - our 08/18-1 serves as an ideal basis from Jazz to Blues or Rock. Not least because of its efficent working tone controls.

By connecting booster, distortion, dynamic effects or other multi-effect pedals before the amp (or at the series effects loop), you extend your sound-range at your individual preferences.

Power is reduceable from 18W to 8W, hence perfect for studio, home or club - gig. With a big cabinet you can reach enough volume even for a larger stage. Suitable cabinets are available from us. Of course, any other cabinets with 4, 8 or 16 ohm (total impedance) will work too.



detailled specifications:


  • Bass, Middle & Treble are situated prior to the Gain-control. With this 3 tone controls you also can choose which frequencies are crunched more - e.g. basses less and treble more (Treble far clockwise is recommended when Gain is wide-open or for guitars with strong bass). So it affects the guitarsound from mellow to fresh clean tones up to "twangy" and crunchy tones.
  • At high Gain - levels it is recommended to set Treble far clockwise. Without power-tube-saturation (which would start at higher volume) and depending on the output of the pickups this will range up to light or middle crunch.
  • With Volume full open and high Gain the powertubes add some more overdrive to the crunchy setted preamp. If you reduce the power from 18W to 8W, the sonic volume will stay passable in small rooms.
  • Bright-switch adds some shiny highs to your tone, dependent of the position of the Gain control. It's more effective at lower Gain settings, at Gain full clockwise there's no more effect of the Bright - circuit.
  • Tight/Fat (footswitchable) reduces the ammount of low frequencies at the first tube-stage before the tone- & gain-controls. This benefits to avoid muddy sounds (e.g. at high gain or with the neck-humbucker on) or to change from a brighter sounding guitar to a bassy one without needing to change the tone settings.
  • Presence is situated after the preamp and controls the upper highs.
  • The serial effects loop is ready for every conceivable device. You can adjust the send level via potentiometer and the return gain can be set in two different levels.
  • Reverb circuit (footswitchable) controls the TAD™ spring reverb.
  • "08 / 18" (center position = standby) switches the operating mode of the output tubes, reducing their power by 50%


  • Preamp: one Electro Harmonix (EH) 12AX7 is working for preamplifying and tone-shaping. For reverb and driver of the power-tubes, a JJ ECC83S is serving. They are situated horizontally on the inside of the case.
  • Power amp: 2x 6V6GT from EH, which are very stable in the basses and transparent in the highs. All Tubes can be replaced any time with no adjustments needed (Auto-Bias).


  • You can use 1 or 2 cabinets with 16 ohms, 1 or 2 with 8 ohms or 1 with 4 ohms.
  • We recommend 1-4x 12" cabinets with Celestion V-Type, AlNiCo-Gold, Eminence Red Fang or Eric-Johnson-Signature or our favorite Jupiter 12LC (or similar Jensen-type WGS or Weber speakers).


  • 2-way Footswitch NFS2-1 (optional or in the complete set)
  • padded dustcover COVER-K-T (optional or in the complete set)