2x12'' Cabinet N212..

Closed 2x12" cabinet with slant or straight housing design (annex -G).

Big-volumed, robust construction, thus a more clear, wider angled directional characteristic and better bass reproduction than conventional 2x12" cabinets.
The straight version also has a slant speaker-frontpanel for better hearing your guitar tone on stage.

Speakers & max. Power:

  • Eminence Wizard - 150W (Standard) (Ceramik-Magnet) Model: N212E-W (-G)
  • Eminence Lil' Texas - 250W (light Neodymium-Magnet) Model: N212E-L (-G)
  • Celestion Vintage 30 - 120W (Ceramik-Magnet) Model: N212V (-G)
  • Custom speakers on request