2x12" cabinet upright

Open-back high-end guitar cabinet. For ideal sound with a wide, uniform sonic radiation.

  • N212U2 2370 1000x1243
    N212U2 (2x12" cabinet upright / slant)
    Leicht schräg für optimales "Sich-selber-Hören" von ca. 1 bis mehrere Meter Abstand.
  • N212U2 back 2320 1000px
    N212U2 Rückseite
    Öffnung für "größeren", räumlich breiteren Klang. Stabile Verstrebung für definierte Wiedergabe.
  • N212U2+NGMT 2369 1000x1612
    N212U2 mit Großem Muk

An upright 2 x 12" cabinet has some advantages compared with a 4 x 12" cab. Not only the space requrements on tight stages, also the sonic radiation-angle is massively wider. Because of the opening in the rear side this cabinet wins a further wider and more uniform sounding tone-spectrum. 

Sophisticated internal struttings ensure best uncompromised reproduction without disturbing resonances. A clearly defined tone with a solid bass foundation, also in lowest frequencies and high volume. Thereby this cab is a real lightweight!

Last but not least because of its slant front plate and the pre-mounted beam-blockers (between speakers & front panel), you get a very even sound wherever you stand - near or far away or beside the cab.


Guitar-speakers have the characteristics that they radiate the highest frequencies - which mainly accur at distorted tones - mainly with a close angel just from the middle of the speaker. This leads to a strongly changing and unwanted tone-spectrum, depending on your location in the room. The beam-blockers cover this area in front of the speaker and homgenize the sonic spectrum with its domed inner surface.


  • 2x Eminence Wizard (á 8 Ohm / 75W / ceramic-magnet / 5kg). 150W total. Standard-model. Part# N212U2-W
  • custom speakers on request, like:
  • 2x Eminence Lil' Texas (á 8 Ohm / 125W / neodymium-magnet / 2kg). 250W total.
  • 2x Celestion Neo-Creamback (á 8 Ohm / 60W / neodymium-magnet / 2kg). 120W total.