Fifteen Standard

For the 15th anniversary of Nepomuk amplification in 2019 we spoiled guitar sound gourmets with our special model "Fünfzehn" ("Fifteen") with 15 watts in a now sold out limited edition!

This is our reissue in our standard outfit in ruby-​​red leather.


  • NKMC 1865 1000pix
    "Fifteen" Portrait
    46x43,5x24,5cm (W/H/D), ca. 13kg
  • N15R Rueck per 3384 1638
    "Fifteen" rear view
    Simply replaceable power tubes.
    The 3 preamp tubes are situated horizontally on the chassis above the speaker.
  • N15R Detail Bedien kompl 3367 2000 Q40
    "Fifteen" - controls
  • N15R Detail Bedien Pre 3367
    Preamp Section
  • N15R Detail Bedien MasTrem 3367 1500
    Effects / Master-Section
    Tube-Tremolo with wide-band speed & depth.
    With FULL/HALF (center position = standby) 15W or 7W are selectable.
  • N15R Detail Rueck 3356 1974 s
    rear functions
    connectors for:
    - external cabinets: 8 Ohms (int. speaker ON) / 16 Ohms (int. speaker OFF)
    - Line-Out (e.g. additional amp, speaker emulator)
    - 2-way footswitch NFS2-15 (included) [different switching funtions selectable]
    potentiometer for adjusting the bosst-gain
  • NFS2 1
    Footswitch (included)
    [without imprint)

Our "Fifteen" delights with vintage sounds from sparkling to jazzy-fat clean and with the (foot-) switchable boost from middy "dirty clean" to fat vintage - overdrive.

With its tube tremolo, which can be adjusted within very wide limits, you can enjoy very slow, sustainig/carrying volume modulations as well as "floating" or staccato-like tremolo sounds. The tremolo works mainly in the mid to treble range. Thus a "fat" basic tone always remains, harmonious & warm in tone.

Of course, our popular "dense" spring reverb is not missing either.

The 15W / 7W - switchable EL84 - power amplifier, paired with the noble 12" Jupiter - speaker, pleases with fat, warm, broadly radiated tones. Even at higher volumes. If you also saturate the end tubes at high volumes, you get a more "British" sounding overdrive note.

Review (of our limited edition): "Gitarre & Bass" magazine 3/2020

Detailed features:


  • The Tone control influences the bass/treble ratio very efficiently and well-balanced.
  • Bright-switch adds some shiny highs to your tone, dependent of the position of the Gain control. It's more effective at lower Gain settings, at Gain full clockwise there's no more effect of the Bright - circuit.
  • Depending on your sound-idea (really clean, twangy or crunchy) you can virtually influence the gain via Volume control. And via Tone control (situated prior to the Volume in the circuitry) you can choose which frequencies are crunched more - e.g. basses less and treble more.
  • Boost is foot-switchable & the ammount of the boost can be individually adjustet by a potentiometer on the rear panel. Standard-setting: center.

Global / Effects

  • The Tremolo works in very wide limits in speed & also in depth. From e.g. very slow, spherical decent to fast, rather chopped modulations. It modulates the bias (quiescent current) of the power-tubes & thus always produces a pleasant, balanced & "warm" / "fat" up- and down-swelling volume modulation. The tremolo speed is indicated by the flashing frequency of the LEDs on the control panel & also on the footswitch.
  • Reverb (foot- switchable) controls the TAD™ spring reverb.
  • FULL / HALF (center position = standby) switches the operating mode of the output tubes, reducing their power by 50%.


  • Preamp: 3x ECC83/12AX7 from Sovtek (V1) & JJ (V2, V3). They are situated horizontally on the inside of the case.
  • Power amp: 2x EL84 from JJ or EH. All Tubes can be replaced any time with no adjustments needed (Auto-Bias).

Speaker / Beam Blocker

  • Internal speaker Jupiter 12SC, 12", 25W, 8 Ohms. A true vintage tone remake of the first Tweed & Blackface amps of this power class. Strong basses, warm mids & pleasing balanced highs.
  • Behind the speaker grill (made of Vienna-weave) there is an integrated beam blocker, which "blocks" the unwanted, sharp highs that emerge from the centre of the speaker (especially when the amp is raised or inclined) rrespectively makes the sound more even and homogeneous.

External Speaker

  • connected to the 8 Ohms jack the internal speaker stays active.
  • connected to the 16 Ohms jack the internal speaker is off (here you can also connect an 8 Ohm cabinet without hesitation).


  • 2-button footswitch NFS2-15K (included)
  • padded dustcover COVER-K (included)