Grosser Muk (Big Muk)

The benchmark for versatile tone: the Big Muk 36W combo.

The preamp with its 2 ½ channels, coming from our Little Muk, was expanded with extensive tone controls and the FX loop here is foot-switchable (& can be used as a clean solo-volume-boost).
Again - out of a light and compact combo case - the amp brings an unexpected sonority.
-> Video- & audio- demos see below. Audio provisional from 'Kleiner Muk' (same preamp, only half the power & housing with less deep-bass-reserves)

  • NGM per 2121
    Grosser Muk
  • NGMC front per 1736 1000
    Grosser Muk Portrait
    57x48x26cm (W/H/D), 20kg
  • NGMC rear per 1727 1000
    Grosser Muk rear view
  • NGMC Bedienung 1200
    Grosser Muk - operation
  • NGMC Clean
    Grosser Muk - clean channel
  • NGMC Drive
    Großer Muk - drive channel
  • NGMC Master
    Grosser Muk's Master-Section
    With FULL/HALF (center position = standby) & SE/PP 4 power levels are selectable.
    (SE = Single Ended = Class-A, PP = Push-Pull = Class-AB)
  • NGMC Speakers Bias
    Grosser Muk - rear connectors / controls #1
    - bias-traffic-light
    - Speakers 4 - 8 - 16 Ohm
    - Poweramp Tone
    - Line-Out (e.g. additional amp)
    Grosser Muk - rear connectors / controls #2
    - Effects-Loop
    - Boost-Level (Drive-Channel)
    - Footswitch

Everything is possible, from mellow jazz tones with a strong bass or brilliant & twangy clean to fresh blues-crunch/overdrive to singing fat high-gain lead. All available via the footswitch (clean / drive / drive+boost).

Thanks to its 4 switchable power levels, the Big Muk too offers a rich tube sound full of overtones in any situation from bedroom level to club stage.

Or simply enjoy the different sound formations in the various power levels according to your own taste.

For medium or larger stages you can expand your sonic volume with an extension cabinet. A suitable 1x12" cabinet is available from us. Of course, any other 4 to 16 ohms cabinet will work too (more details see below).

Detailed features of Grosser Muk:

Clean Channel

  • Effective working tone controls, consisting of bass & treble pots plus mid-boost switch.
  • The Bright switch brings more brilliance or more twang, depending on the position of the Volume control.
  • Depending on your sound-idea (really clean, twangy or slightly crunchy) you can virtually influence the gain via Volume control.
    And via the tone controls (situated prior to the Volume in the circuitry) you can choose which frequencies are crunched more. E.g. basses less and treble more - what is recommended when Volume is wide-open (crunch).

Overdrive Channel

  • Extensive, effective working tone controls.
  • Boost switch (foot- switchable): this adds an additional tube stage, resulting in a richer distortion structure and producing a very thick / bearing / creamy high gain lead sound.
    For fat sounding guitars or pickups, resulting in a muddy tone at the lower or palm-muted strings, it may be indicated to use the Tight switch.
  • Tight switch (to prevent a sludgy tone): Reduces the basses and some of the deep mids at the 1. tube-stage to create a tight tone and to avoid muddy sounds when with high gain (e.g. at high gain with the neck-humbucker on).
  • Sound Examples:
    • with treble fully ccw, mids at max. & basses to taste, you'll get a great midy & creamy sound.
    • with treble far cw & highest gain you can even get old-school-metal sounds. Otherwise, all is possible from "dirty clean" to bluesy & rocky sounds to fusion.


  • Presence controls the upper highs.
  • The foot-switchable effects loop can be setted in series or in parallel. You can adjust the send level via potentiometer and the return gain can be set in two different levels. So it is ready for every conceivable device.
  • Reverb (foot- switchable): 2 seperate controls for clean and drive channels.
  • 4 power levels are available via 2 switches:
    • Full / Half (center position = standby) switches the operating mode of the output tubes, reducing their power by 50%.
    • SE/PP: SE (single-ended) = Class-A (only one output tube is operating) / PP (push-pull) = Class-AB (both output tubes work).
  • The grille made of Vienna-weave is removable & has an integrated beam-blocker (against the harsh highs coming from the center of the speaker / at elevated or slanted position). So for recording, if wanted, you can place some mics directly in front of the speaker.


  • Preamp: 4x ECC83/12AX7 from Sovtek (V1, V2) & JJ (V3, V4).
  • Power amp: 2x 6L6GC from Sovtek (EL34 od. KT66 may also be used), simple tube replacement with a smart bias-adjustment on the rear side (basically, anyone can do it: to adjust the bias simply set the recessed pot, so that the 3-color LED shows green).

Internal Speaker

  • Standard: Eminence 12" Wizard 8 Ohms: well-balanced for all styles of music, powerful in the bass range, not too intrusive in the upper mids and highs, live well assertive, very high efficiency (loud!) (ceramic magnets).

External Speaker

  • in addition to the internal speaker, you can connect one extension cabinet with 8 ohms (in this case plug in both internal & external speaker at the 4-ohms-outlets).
  • with disconnected internal speaker you can use all kinds of cabinets with 4, 8, or 16 ohms.