4-way Footswitches

These 4-way footswitches with LEDs & 2x Neutrik stereo-plugs are suitable for the amp-models like mentioned below (the differences lay in the imprints of the assigned switching functions, LED-colors & calble-length):

  • NFS4 2 oK
  • NFS4 2 mK
    NFS4-K with cable

NFS4-K: for "Kleiner Muk" (Little Muk) MKII & MKIII - CHANNEL, BOOST, SMOOTH, REVERB - ca. 6m cable

NFS4-G: for "Grosser Muk" (Big Muk) - CHANNEL, BOOST, FX, REVERB - ca. 7m cable

NFS4-S:  for Scrambler - TIGHT, BOOST, FX, REVERB - ca. 6m cable

NFS4-L:  for Preämp - CHANNEL, BITE, TGHT, TONE-SHIFT - ca. 6m cable

NFS4-P: for Painkiller - CHANNEL, (BITE / TIGHT*), (FX / TONE-SHIFT*), MASTER - ca. 9m cable