Pico 8"

Pure class A - vintage - tone for classic jazz-, blues- or rock- tones with a rich and powerful sound, despite of the compact dimensions and 8" speaker.
Demo video see below.

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    Pico 8"
  • Pico vh 2610 1000
    Pico 8" rear view
  • Pico vo mBright 2614 2332
    Pico 8" from above / operation panel

3 simple controles (Volume, Tone & Reverb) and 2 inputs (Low & High) for various, warm vintage sound - possibilities. With the guitar-volume you can turn down from rich crunch to clean - whereby the volume-relations will stay in an optimal region with no loss of tone-quality.

Despite of the small dimensions, but because of its sophisticated construction and the power of 8W Pico achieves a powerful, voluminous tone which will be sufficient even for club gigs.

Also all sorts of preceded booster-, distortion- &/or other effect pedals can be used without any troubles.

Review Gitarre & Bass magazine with sound files

Videos see Playlist plus one from MusikRaum on Facebook

detailled specifications:


  • The Tone control influences the bass/treble ratio very efficiently and well-balanced.
  • The Bright switch brings more brilliance or more twang, depending on the position of the Volume control.
  • Depending on your sound-idea (really clean, twangy or crunchy) you can virtually influence the gain via Volume control.
    And via Tone control (situated prior to the Volume in the circuitry) you can choose which frequencies are crunched more - e.g. basses less and treble more.
  • From a certain position of the Volume you'll get nice harmonic saturation of the power tube (added to the preamp distortions) at a bearable sonic level.
  • Reverb circuit (footswitchable) controls the TAD™ spring reverb.


  • Preamp: 1x Electro Harmonix 12AX7 & 1x JJ ECC83S.
  • Poweramp: 1x JJ KT66. All Tubes can be replaced any time with no adjustments needed (Auto-Bias).

internal Speaker

  • Jupiter 8", 8 Ohm: actually surely the best remake of the acclaimed vintage speakers from the beginnings of guitarampslification

external Speaker

  • can be connected at the internal socket. Impedance 8 ohms.