NEW: strenghtening for our "08/18": the "Scrambler" 36W combo.

Not just for pedalboard users: our compact & light Scrambler not only has the double power of the "08/18" , it also contains an additional, foot-switchable boost-stage and can be switched from cool "blackface" sound to a warm and bluesy tone.

  • SCRC 1821 1000pix
    Scrambler Portrait
    57x48x26cm (W/H/D), 20kg
  • NGMC rear per 1727 1000
    Scrambler rear view
    picture alike but not actual
  • SCR Potis 1834 1500pix
    Scrambler - operating panel
  • SCR Detail Pre 1000x342pix
    Scrambler - preamp controls
    4 band EQ with tone-shift-switch, gain and boost for additional tube-booster
  • SCR Detail Master 935x342pix
    Scrambler's Master-Section
    With FULL/HALF (center position = standby) 2 power-levels of 36W & 18W are selectable.
  • SCR Detail Speaker 1851 1100x350
    Scrambler - rear connectors / controls #1
    - bias-traffic-light
    - Speakers 4 - 16 Ohms
    - Line-Out (e.g. additional amp)
  • SCR Detail Loop FS 1842 779x350
    Scrambler - rear connectors / controls #2
    - Effects-Loop
    - Boost-Level (Drive-Channel)
    - Footswitch
  • SCRC grille off 2109
    Scrambler with grille off

The Scrambler is based in our very popular Nepomuk-clean-preamp. Here it was extended by an added, foot-swichable boost & a swichtable tone-character (tone-shift). The FX-loop also became foot-switchable & can be used as a clean solo-volume-boost.

Hereby, brilliant sounds with a high dynamic factor and stable bass-response are covered. Especially for warm and fat jazz clean to cool american country style sounds. And with "Boost" from warm, bluesy to classic-rock vintage tones.

Again in a light-weight, compact combo housing, the Scrambler brings a richness of tone you would not expect from this size.

By connecting booster, distortion, dynamic effects (before the amp) or modulation and delay effects and other multi-effect pedals at the switchable effects loop, you may extend your sound-range at your individual preferences. 

The sonic power is reduceable from 36W to 18W.  Thus ideal for studio, at home or (club-) gig. For medium or larger stages you can expand your sonic volume with an extension cabinet. A suitable 1x12" cabinet is available from us. Of course, any other 4 to 16 ohms cabinet will work too (more details see below).

Detailed features of the Scrambler:


  • Bass, Middle & Treble are situated prior to the Gain-control. With this 3 tone controls you also can choose which frequencies are crunched more - e.g. basses less and treble more (Treble far clockwise is recommended when Gain is wide-open or for guitars with strong bass). So it affects the guitarsound from mellow to fresh clean tones up to "twangy" and crunchy tones.
  • At high Gain - levels it is recommended to set Treble far clockwise. Without power-tube-saturation (which would start at higher volume) and depending on the output of the pickups this will range up to light or middle crunch.
  • Bright-switch adds some shiny highs to your tone, dependent of the position of the Gain control. It's more effective at lower Gain settings, at Gain full clockwise there's no more effect of the Bright - circuit.
  • With "Tone-Shift" you can turn the sound orientation from american cool to british warm, jazzy & bluesy.
  • Boost is foot-switchable & the ammount of the boost can be individually adjustet by a potentiometer on the rear panel. Standard-setting: center.
  • Tight/Fat (footswitchable) reduces the ammount of low frequencies at the first tube-stage before the tone- & gain-controls. This benefits to avoid muddy sounds (e.g. at high gain or with the neck-humbucker on) or to change from a brighter sounding guitar to a bassy one without needing to change the tone settings.
  • Presence is situated after the preamp and controls the upper highs.
  • The foot-switchable effects loop can be setted in series or in parallel. You can adjust the send level via potentiometer and the return gain can be set in two different levels. So it is ready for every conceivable device.
  • Reverb (footswitchable) controls the TAD™ spring reverb.
  • The tone-character of the poweramp can be set from "raw" (= standard setting) to "calm" (ev. recommended with a specific speaker cabinet)
  • Full / Half (center position = standby) switches the operating mode of the output tubes, reducing their power by 50%.
  • The grille made of Vienna-weave is removable & has an integrated beam-blocker (against the harsh highs coming from the center of the speaker / at elevated or slanted position). So for recording, if wanted, you can place some mics directly in front of the speaker.


  • Preamp: 1x 12AX7 from Electro Harmonix (V1) & JJ (V2).
  • Power amp: 2x 6L6GC from Sovtek (EL34 od. KT66 may also be used), simple tube replacement with a smart bias-adjustment on the rear side (basically, anyone can do it: to adjust the bias simply set the recessed pot, so that the 3-color LED shows green).

internal Speaker

  • Standard: Jupiter 12LC 8 ohms (new 9/2018): a true vintage-tone remake of the first tweed & blackface amps, powerfull lows, warm mids & pleasing balanced highs. Recommended for Jazz, Blues & Classic Rock.
  • Optional: Eminence 12" Wizard 8 ohms: well-balanced for all styles of music, powerful in the bass range, not too intrusive in the upper mids and highs, live well assertive, very high efficiency (loud!) (ceramic magnets)
  • The removeable grille inclueds an integrated beam-blocker.

external Speakers

  • in addition to the internal speaker, you can connect one extension cabinet with 8 ohms (in this case plug in both internal & external speaker at the 4-ohms-outlets).
  • with disconnected internal speaker you can use all kinds of cabinets with 4, 8, or 16 ohms.